Yeah, Let’s Go After the Disaster Responders


Remember public service? That was a cool idea. From the WaPo:

How much actual goddamn budgetary sense does this really make? Leave aside the fact that these people do god’s work in terrible conditions and on a moment’s notice. And leave aside the fact that the United States has been one of the world leaders in the fight against epidemic disease—in its effects as well as its causes—since Dr. Joseph Warren was going door-to-door with smallpox vaccinations in and around Boston.

And now this, which I am sure is peanuts, but which makes the kind of statement that people like Mick Mulvaney love to make.

The Corps also works in the federal prison system and, most extensively, in the Indian Health Service, two other institutions that are generally the victims of chronic short-weighting in the budget process. I’m not sure why this one jumped out at me today, but it seems like everything does these days.