Wells Fargo’s Comeback PR Campaign Just Hit a Bit of a Snag


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I hope everyone finds as hilarious as I do the great blast of advertising emanating from American corporations who’ve been caught acting like American corporations do—which is to say, fleecing their customers and lining their off-shore accounts while exhibiting all the moral conscience of a bat to the brain.

We’ve seen them from Facebook and from Uber, but my favorite ones are those assuring us that Wells Fargo has “reinvented itself.” This campaign is everywhere; the pillars outside the American Airlines terminal at National Airport are filled with them, and the TV commercials pop up everywhere you look.

The general theme seems to be:

We Are Reinventing Ourselves. “Things” Went Wrong. Mistakes “Were” Made. But Now We Know That Opening Accounts For Our Customers Without Their Knowledge And Then Socking Them With Fees Is Not Something You Do. Also, We Never Will Issue A Credit Card To Someone Without Telling Them. Wagons, ho!

Except, well, you know…From Reuters (via the Wall Street Journal):

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Keep the money in the mattress until further notice, though.