This Ongoing National Disgrace Is Perfectly Fine with Republicans in Congress


(Optional Musical Accompaniment To This Post)

The President*:

That’s not bad for one press conference.

They stuck El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago out in some hayfield on Friday, largely because most of Great Britain—not “England,” pal—thinks he’s the second coming of the Black Death. Theresa May, who’s no bargain herself, but who doesn’t deserve this, was along for the ride, and, possibly, to keep track of the stun gun. And all of this is perfectly fine with the Republican pod people in the Congress, who think that the Deep State is paying off former Ohio State wrestlers to tell lies about Jim Jordan, because that’s really the way the world works. Alex Jones will be hosting the nightly news on PBS before the decade’s out. Swear to god, he will.

And now the president*’s off to meet with Vladimir Putin for his annual performance review. Heads up, Alaska. Hope you like borscht.

Happy Friday.