This Is What You Signed Up For, Mad Dog


Well, it turns out that not even having a cute, macho nickname is enough to save you from that moment when the president*’s several remaining functional synapses fire themselves up and he decides that he knows more than you do about everything, even though he knows less about anything than has anyone who ever sat in that chair. From NBC News:

Mattis still has some duties for the White House together, and one of them appears to be making sure that the military gets ensnared in the moral and ethical ratlines of the administration’s immigration policy. From CNN:

This is not an administration that I trust with “temporary camps” for anyone. In addition, parking folks in camps gives the administration* even less incentive to do the hard work of reuniting the children with their parents, even if it wanted to do so. I don’t envy ol’ Mad Dog, but this is what he signed onto. But I don’t think we can wait much longer for his moderating influence on the president* to take hold.