This Is the Most Embarrassing Audience Ever to Witness a Book Launch, Period


It is 2018. Everything is weird and awful. From CNN:

Imagine explaining to your spouse and/or partner that you just dropped a grand out of the house account to go to Sean Spicer’s book event. For that price, Spicey better bring his own shrubbery to hide in. But, there’s more, isn’t there, Ghost of Johnny Olson?

Wow. A chance to watch noted philosopher and public intellectual Katie Pavlich ask Sean Spicer questions! And the VIP reception! More high-end wingnuts than a MAACO outlet.

And, for your $1,000, you can hear Spicer create the chicken salad of poetry out of the chicken shit of his former job. The Guardian has excerpts.

A unicorn, riding a unicorn, over a rainbow?

A thousand bucks to see the lead singer in a Moody Blues tribute band?

Everything is weird and awful.