This Dennis Rodman Interview from the Trump-Kim Summit Was a Visual for Our Times


Whatever season of the national reality show this is, the producers are pulling out all the stops. It wasn’t enough that Donald J. Trump, American president, was in Singapore Tuesday for a summit on denuclearization with Kim Jong-un. There was also the mid-episode introduction of Dennis Rodman, the five-time NBA champion who has spent the last few years as an extremely unofficial envoy to North Korea.

Mr. Rodman gave an interview to CNN’s Chris Cuomo in the heat of things Tuesday which at one point saw the man who once led the league in rebounds-per-game for seven straight seasons bawling wildly on national television:

“Today is a great day,” former NBA star Dennis Rodman says in an emotional interview in which he describes his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

The image of a true NBA great peddling a cryptocurrency via t-shirt while rocking (women’s?) sunglasses and a MAGA hat, sobbing as he describes the death threats he received for advocating for the trustworthiness of a murderous dictator, might go down as one of the emblematic visuals of this era. It was bizarre. It was chaotic. But Cuomo’s other guest last night, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, said he’s “long been an advocate of involving Dennis Rodman.”

What a time to be alive, volume infinity.