The Trump Regime Is Bullying a Tiny Country Over Breastfeeding


What is wrong with these idiots?

I promised myself I’d stop asking that question about midway through the dreary 2016 presidential campaign because there is no real answer to it beyond “everything,” which is both general and inadequate. However, sometimes, the casual cruelty and reflexive stupidity of our current government is such that it is the only question worth asking.

From The New York Times:

Bullying a tiny country over the issue of breast-feeding. So much damned winning!

Of course, it’s simply another giveaway by this administration*, and by the political party it represents, to the corporate powers from which they subcontract the job of running the government.

And, as in all things, we must assume that the president* knows nothing about the stakes here, because he knows nothing about anything.

At least they’re consistent.