Thank You, New York Times, for This New Definition of ‘Family Values’


Last week, Jill Abramson, the former executive editor of The New York Times, went off on her former employers on the electric Twitter machine. She torched them for getting surprised by the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and then threw some gas on the conflagration by emailing the following to The Daily Beast.

And that was before this amazing op-ed appeared in Monday’s paper. While Michelle Goldberg was a great hire—and Michelle Alexander undoubtedly will prove to be one—it’s past time for someone to wrestle the wheel away from James Bennet for his own good and that of the newspaper. I never will understand how this unexpurgated codswallop ever gets past the laughter stage at editorial meetings.

We have a guy who writes for The Federalist and who is an editor at First Things, the latter a journal of faith that occasionally functions as a Catholic fanzine for Protestant fundamentalism. (Motto: Thanks for Not Calling the Pope ‘the Whore of Babylon’ Anymore). That alone should have set off alarms you could hear in Paramus. But then the piece arrives and, glorioski, is it bananas.

Hitler. Dogs. I know, right?

It’s obvious now that, in the deepest circles of wingnut rhetorical hell, “elites” has replaced even “liberal” as shorthand for “Everything I hate and fear. Ick. Cooties.” (Here’s torture-enthusiast Marc Thiessen—Upper East Side, Taft School and Vassar—working the same popstand.) I know my share of people who were born and live in Nebraska, and none of them are as deeply, weirdly twisted as this guy is. Does this bear any resemblance to anyone who has been Donald Trump in the last 70 years? The New York Times: All The Fits Is News We Print.