Someone Should Go to Jail for This


I gave them the entire day. Now, the president* is in Europe, and, while I know that this is an indelicate—nay, an uncivil—question, I have to ask why nobody is not in jail yet behind this? From The New York Daily News:

Try this sometime. You’re in court and the judge gives you a deadline to do something by Day X. Then, when Day X arrives, tell the judge that you’ve only been able to do four percent of what the judge demanded that you do. See where you’re eating dinner that night.

This whole thing is preposterous now. The administration* never had a plan to do anything except separate these families and hold the children hostage. It certainly had no plan to reunite the children with their parents. As far as I can tell, it had no plan beyond the phrase, “zero-tolerance.” Now, it’s trying to cobble a policy together as fast as it’s trying to cobble together facilities in which to warehouse terrified toddlers. And all it’s got left is a president* who believes that he doesn’t have to listen to people like federal judges. From the WaPo:

Nice kid you have there. Be a shame if you never saw them again.

This is barely organized crime.