How ‘Blind’ Is Governor Rick Scott’s Blind Trust, Really?


The last poll I saw concerning the U.S. Senate race in Florida between Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson and current Republican Governor Rick Scott had Governor Batboy slightly ahead. It is, of course, Too Early To Call anything definitive about the race but, given the fact that Scott oversaw the largest Medicaid fraud case in U.S. history, we can conclude that any story concerning possible financial shenanigans by Scott is prima facie worthy of belief, and the Miami Herald dropped a whopper on Wednesday.

At issue is a so-called “blind trust” in which the governor allegedly parked his not inconsiderable assets at the time of his election. (As the Herald points out, he is the only elected official to take advantage of a Florida law that allows this.) The Herald wonders how well this particular blind trust can see.

Meanwhile, the trust seems to be making a beeline for profits fairly well. The Herald explained what it does know at the moment, including:

The Herald got this comment from Scott’s spokesman, McKinley Lewis: “The governor has no knowledge of anything that is bought or changed in the trust.”

Rick Scott’s life is full of wonderful surprises.